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Janey Red Brick
"Deviant Co-conspirator"

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If you are new to LEGO events...
the best way to have fun and enjoy yourself, particularly if you dont know anyone else... is to join in.

Here are 3 simple rules to have a blast at your first Brickfete!

First of all, introduce yourself to me, or Jeff Van Winden once you arrive. Say to us "Im new, and have never been to an event before." We will do our best to introduce you to a few people. Once a couple people know your name, and more importantly, what you love to build, then it's easier to hang out and have fun.

2. Bring something you have built, do not fear its not cool enough, or big enough, or whatever enough! Trust me, it is! We have all been there, our first event. It can be a bit intimidating, but please trust me when I say, we want all skill levels and hobbyist represented. Truth be told, more than likely you are probably your worst critic anyway. If you feel your builds are not as impressive, remember, the public will still be blown away, and your creations might actually feel more accessible to them.

3. Join a few of our mini-contests (or all of them if you are feeling ambitious) and consider being part of a collaborative build. Being part of a larger project not only helps you feel more part of the event, but also allows others to know you want to get involved.

If you have anymore questions, please ask.

We were all newbies once, and we are happy you are joining us.

visit janeyredbrick.com or ontariobrickbuilders.com
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